Penthouse Dining Set 10 Seaters

Michael AminiSKU: AMINI-12783

QAR 33,300


Penthouse Dining Set 10 Seaters

Discover the height of contemporary elegance in The Penthouse Collection. With clean lines and fresh neutrals composed in the finest acrylic and stainless steel, and fabrics in soft shimmering neutrals, living in the modern world will feel stunning and effortless.

Finish: Ash Gray

1pc Rectangular Dining Table (Includes: 2 X 22 Leaves)

  • Dimension: W:205.74 / 317.50 x D: 116.84 x H: 76.20/76.84 cm
2pcs Arm Chair
  • Dimension: W: 62.87 x D: 73.03 x H: 102.87 cm
8pcs Side Chair
  • Dimension: W: 50.8 x D: 66.0 x H: 99.06 cm
1pc Wall Mirror
  • Dimension: W: 139.70 x D: 3.81 x H: 86.36 cm
1pc Sideboard Ash Gray
  • Dimension: W: 190.50 x D: 45.72 x H 99.70 cm

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