Nabco Furniture Centre opened its Showroom in May 1996, since then, the way people bought furniture had changed forever. With the grace of Allah, NABCO became one of the most favorite Furniture Showrooms to shop for in the country. Nabco Furniture Centre has an incomparable delivery service that ensures customers will receive their new furniture in days, not in months. Our fast and easy furniture delivery is realized through the state-of-the-art of Nabco Furniture Centre wide distribution channels which could accommodate thousands of furniture pieces ready for delivery anytime. Walk into our bright, stylish and friendly furniture showroom and discover the ease of one-stop decorating. We are one of the leading furniture companies in Qatar, so discover the thousands of customers have enjoyed, "Nabco Furniture Centre Room Package", where a more convenient, enjoyable and affordable way to shop furniture. We invite you to visit our showroom and have the same wonderful experience. As we always say, you have to see it, to love it, to buy it.