Carpet Marvelous Lux SBR-809c671470

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Size: 160 x 230
QAR 616 QAR 770


Carpet Marvelous Lux SBR-809c671470

Sophisticated patterns in viscose woven on a base of shrinkage polyester.
The Marvelous quality is a luxurious carpet with a pile height of 7.5 mm and is often finished with woven fringes. The name is a reference to the beautiful natural lustre that the viscose yarns give the carpets.

For this quality, polyester shrink yarns are used. The carpet gets a relief effect after heat treatment during the finishing process. The polyester base shrinks, after which the carpet takes on a more wool look. In addition, the viscose yarns give a natural rich sheen to the carpet. This 3D effect gives an additional optical value to the carpet.

Marvelous is the most exclusive one of our viscose polyester carpets. The higher pile height gives a very soft and pleasant feel to the feet.

1pc Carpet
Thickness: 7.5 mm
Density: 1230000/SQM

Technical Specifications
Pile height: 7.5 mm
Total weight/m²: 2.20 kg/m²
Pile weight/m²: 1.45 kg/m²
Pile composition: 65% viscose 35% polyester
Points/m²: 820.000/m²
Backing: Anti slip latex
Incorporated: 8 frame

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