Modern Synergy Bedroom Set without Mattress

American DrewSKU: AMD-5757

QAR 28,600


Modern Synergy Bedroom Set without Mattress

1pcs Bed without Mattress

Construct nightstand with drawer storage makes the perfect bedside option for any bedroom. Three outlet plug for phone hookup and lots of storage.

2pcs Night Table
Dimension: W: 81.28 x D: 48.26 x H: 76.2 cm

Nouveau dresser with walnut framed panels and ambrosia maple drawer fronts with metal base adds to the appeal of this great storage piece with drawers and door storage.

1pc Dresser
Dimension: W: 172.72 x D: 50.8 x H: 86.36 cm

Landscape mirror with a beautiful ambrosia maple framed with metal will work well in any environment.

1pc Wall Mirror
Dimension: W: 129.54 x D: 4.445 x H: 91.44 cm

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